College...Really?  YES.

Every young adult will have a different life experience after high school.  Yours is no different.  What society deems as normal is not normal anymore.  Your young adults journey after high school will be unique to him or her... discovering how their life will evolve after high school.

No matter how mild or sever a young adults disability is there are amazing resources out there.  So lets do this, lets gain a a sense of independence and freedom with a different kind of normal.


Definition of college:
1 : a body of clergy living together and supported by a foundation
2 : a building used for an educational or religious purpose
3 a : a self-governing constituent body of a university offering living quarters and sometimes instruction but not granting degrees Balliol and Magdalen Colleges at Oxford — called also residential college
b : a preparatory or high school
c : an independent institution of higher learning offering a course of general studies leading to a bachelor's degree a liberal arts college; also : a university division offering this
d : a part of a university offering a specialized group of courses the university's college of pharmacy
e : an institution offering instruction usually in a professional, vocational, or technical field business college an embalming college
4 : company, group; specifically : an organized body of persons engaged in a common pursuit or having common interests or duties a college of cardinals serving as papal councillors and electors
5 a : a group of persons considered by law to be a unit
b : a body of electors — compare electoral college
6 : the faculty, students, or administration of a college The college was at the football game in force.